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Trip Experiences by Nature India Tours Participants

Why Nature India?
Well, the answer is simple..... Unmatched expertise, well-planned logistics, eco-friendly policies, excellent service and above all Passion to Appreciate, Respect and Conserve Nature.

Below are some of the experiences shared by people from different fields who participated in Nature India tours…… have a look at some comments….

Nature India will continue to maintain and improve these standards……


Trip Experiences by Nature India Tours Participants

Kaas Plateau Trips (Sept.2011)

Dear Adesh and Mandar:

Michelle had mentioned about you and Nature Trail.. Our maiden visit only re-enforced what we had heard and we are happy to have made your acquaintance. In hindsight, we feel relieved and comforted that you were the two people with Ayesha, our daughter, last year, helping her with information for her article.

It is thanks to you that Shoba and I experienced the fury of nature - the gusty winds on the plateau with the rain piercing and soaking us to the skin. Back in the city, we would never have ventured out of our comfort zone. The best part was that no one complained!!! We were almost like a bunch of school kids out on a field trip.

Shoba and I are happy we are in the right company to study and experience nature : first Doreen and now you.

We look forward to being on more trips with you and do trust our commitments would permit us to do so.

Wishing you the very best.

Warm regards:
Arvind Nair (Kaas Plateau, Batch-1, 02 to 04 Sept.11)

Dear Adesh/Mandar,

Please accept my heartist compliments for organising such a wonderful visit to Nature. I must say, that the passion that you and Mandar have exhibited can only take you to very great heights. I wish the weather had helped to enjoy the flowers more. I hope I can remember the flowers and the birds. Pls believe me that we both enjoyed the visit thoroughly and thank all the group members for making this trip really a memorable one.
We assure you that we shall definitely join more of your trips in the future.

Wish all the group members a very happy festival season and look forward to meeting once again.

with regards,
Sumathi and Govindarajan (Kaas Plateau, Batch-1, 02 to 04 Sept.11)

Dear Adesh & Mandar

Aruna & I would like to thank both of you for making our Kaas trip memorable. We learned a lot during this trip. Both of you went to a lot of trouble not only to make us feel comfortable but ensured that all of us picked up the information from you.We were very much impressed with your attention to details and your untiring enthusiasm.Keep it up.

Ashish & Aruna Hatalkar
(Kaas Plateau, Batch-1, 02 to 04 Sept.11)

Hi Adesh, Mandar,
Thanks a lot for a wonderful trip.
I specifically appreciate your working so wonderfully in tandem, your detailed organisation,
keeping to the time schedule and handling of diverse personalities.
Do keep up your cheerfulness, freshness and integrity in all that you do.
And.....for the future as you refrain from overambitiousness that (as I have seen with most who start something) perforce leads to a dilution of values.
I will definitely join in again. Do let me know if you have plans for anything end-May-June.

Meera. (Bhigwan Batch-2, 12-13 Feb.2011)

Dear Mr. Adesh Shivkar,

I take this opportunity to thank you, Mr. Mandhar and especially your NATURE INDIA, for conducting the above field trip in such a splendid manner. Having been conceiving, planning and conducting nature camps/ nature studies/and field trips for decades, I myself have learnt a new dimension, which you have given to such trips. The synergy of vibrance and the dynamism of theoritical knowledge super-imposed on the practical field experience have been fully imbibed by we-the nature lovers. I appreciate that and thank you for the knowledge imparted to us.

I have never experienced the flexibility which you showed at the nick of the time which other organisations, perhaps, may find it difficult to have. In addition, we enjoyed the best of the facility available in the out station. The resourse personnel had immense knowledge as well as practical experience in the field.

I once again express my gratitude for the maticulous planning and judicious execution of a worthwhile trip. You can count me in for your future endevours as well.

Thanking you,
Commander GVK Unnithan,
Former EC Member, BNHS. (Bhigwan Batch-2, 12-13 Feb.2011)

Dear Adesh & Mandar,
Thanks for a well organised Birding tour to Pangot & Sattal. As always it has been very interesting, very informative & very enjoyable. Your passion is really remarkable.
Special thanks for accomodating me at the last moment.
The whole experience is unforgetable.
Thanks once again to both of you & Mr. Manoj Sharma as well.
Girish Ketkar, Mumbai (Pangot-Sattal trip, May'2010)

Hi everybody. Had a great time with you all, and the xcellent arrangements made by Adesh and Mandar were to perfection. No straight face, I mean it. :) and, most of all, Thanks for the memorable Birthday !
Rajesh Kapadia, Mumbai (Pangot-Sattal trip, May'2010)

Dear All,
Thank you for making this trip memorable.
Here are my snaps:
Samir, Mumbai (Pangot-Sattal trip, May'2010)

The logistics of Nature India tour to Nainital-Pangot- Satal were very well organized in all respects. The Adesh-Mandar team had done everything to make the trip vey focused and result oriented. The trails were well selected to use the time optimally. The logistics were commendable. The hotel where we stayed was really in the forest, you get up hearing the melodious songs of birds and go to sleep with their night calls. The scenery and the natural landscaping cannot be explained in words but has to be experienced. The vehicles and drivers were dedicated and even passionate to stop the vehicles at “activity” locations without instructions. Food was even made to cater some special needs of some of the participants. The local area guide arranged by them was a professional of great standard.
Capt. Haridasan, Mumbai (Pangot-Sattal trip, May'2010)

Hi All,
Attached is the link for Pangot- Nainital birding trip pictures. Thanks Adesh, Mandar and all for the wonderful trip.
Looking forward to many more such trips.
Jyoti, Mumbai (Pangot-Sattal trip, May'2010)

We may be back to the grind but the memories of our fantastic birding trip to GRK is still etched clearly in my mind. The enthusiasm of the group, including Adesh, Mandar, Mohamadbhai, Mamaji.., the humourous exchanges, the habitat, the delicious food we kept gorging, and last, but certainly not the least, the birds of GRK and the non-resident wintor visitors, all contributed to make it a great trip.
Katie Bagli, Mumbai (GRK trip, Dec’09)

Hello Adesh and Mandar,
Thanks a ton for mailing the material on ornithology and the trip list. Wish to express my thanks for the excellent arrangements made throughout the trip and the wonderful birding info shared. Looking forward to many more trips with Nature India in the future.
Mridula Sapru, Mumbai (GRK trip, Dec’09)

Dear Adesh and Mandar,
Thank you for the lovely trip and accomodating me!
It is always a pleasure to be with you. In fact I cannot think of a trip without you.
I am still deliberating on the B'garh trip. But once again a big thank you to both of you and of course Mohammadbhai, Mamaji and Prembhai. It really is a bore to get back to one's office chores.
Sucharita Apte, Mumbai (GRK trip, Dec’09)

Hey Folks…just got back from our break today.

Thought I should mention what a great time Madhura and I had at GRK in the company of each one of you. Hoping to meet all you again in the near future.Adesh & Mandar…special thanks to you both for this fantastic trip. It was executed par excellence.
Amit Bandekar, Goa (GRK trip, Dec’09)

Reiterating Amit's thoughts, and adding that the cat that all of us saw that morning was indeed a desert cat, id'd it with the book. Yet to confirm about the one seen on Pingleshwar coast, though. Please refer to S H Prater's Book of Indian Animals if interested to see illustration of the Desert Cat.
Madhura Niphadkar, Goa (GRK trip, Dec’09)

“When I heard that Adesh Shivkar and Mandar Khadilkar of Nature India Tours were organising a three-day visit to Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary in Alibag district from 15-17 May, I knew I had to go…………. And that was a perfect ending to a perfectly fantastic trip….thanks to Adesh and Mandar and of course the absolutely invigorating company of Uma, Chesta, Shobha and our `calculating' genius Yogish!.... “
Jayanthi Mahalingam, Mumbai (Phansad trip, May’09)

“It was a fantastic trail with all of you. Special thanks to Adesh & Mandar for such nice organization…..”
Rupali Madhavi, Mumbai (Bandhavgarh trip, Jun’09)

“In the hurry of getting off the bus I could
not tell you that Vidhi and myself both enjoyed every minute of the Nannaj trip. Though it was my 5th trip I saw sand grouse and the red necked merlin for the 1st time….Thanks for all the trouble you took to make our trip an unforgettable experience”
Roda Dalal, Mumbai (Nannaj trip, Aug’08)

“I would like to thank Adesh and Mandar for making it a great success. There efforts were evident.”
Dr.Sonal Ganatra, Mumbai (Bandhavgarh trip, Jun’09)

“First let me thank you very much for the lovely and fruitful trip to Nannaj. All the arrangements were really execellent and i appreciate your efforts for personally taking care of everyone….Next year i am all for Nannaj again”
Reene Vyas, Mumbai (Nannaj Trip, Aug’08)

“Adesh, we fervently hope that you will carry this movement forward with your trademark enthusiasm, knowledge and humility. Many cheers to you”
Dr.P.V.Subramanium, Mumbai (Nannaj Trip, Sep’09)

"Thanks Nature India for my first tiger sighting"
Dr. Pradnya Shenoy (Tadoba trip, April’09)

“Adesh - thanks so much for organizing the wonderful trip, and look forward to being part of many more going forward”
Narayanan Nair, Bangalore. (Tadoba trip, April’09)

“It was an amazing trip and I really enjoyed the week in paradise!”
Garima Bhatia, Bangalore (Co
rbett N.P., Mar’09)

“It was a memorable trip to Nannaj. Sighting the GIB was one of the high-points besides having the shenga-poli ;)… Thanks to Adesh for making it so informative and interesting!.....
I think none of us will ever forget the Isabelline Wheatear ..and the harriers…and the larks…and the ferocious owl…and the buntings…and the tuft of the tufted ducks....I could go on but will leave you with some images that I made…..”
Samir Owlekar, Mumbai (Nannaj trip, Nov’09)

“This had been a marvellous trip! Well planned and well managed by Adesh, it was total 'paisa vasool'. What made it even more so was Adesh's meticulous insights and tips that would improve us as birders. That's not to say that the others didn't contribute. Everyone contributed in some way or the other, and it all resulted in a memorable experience”
Nikhil Patwardhan, Pune (Nannaj trip, Nov’09)

“Adesh, thank you so much for a very enjoyable and informative trip. Apart from the star attraction, I saw so many exciting new birds and am slightly closer to telling the various larks and pipits apart :)….. “
Madhavi Raj, Bangalore (Nannaj trip, Nov’09)

“The whole experience has been simply wonderful. Post-Nannaj, I can confidently say that I've graduated from a serious nature lover, amateur photographer to a bird lover. So much that I went to BNHS (on Monday itself) and bought a book on birds by Krys Kazmierczak.

All this thanks to Addie, whose enthusiasm to spot and show birds is infectous.
Adesh, thanks very much for organising such a wonderful trip and more so for giving my camera a new lease of life. Post changed settings and UV filter, the pics are coming out well.

It was my first exp as a non-birder (Ranjeet, technically you can be classified as a part-time birder due to Garima's influence) amongst birders and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward for our next trip….”
Anoop Randive, Mumbai (Nannaj trip, Nov’09)

“Thanks Adesh, for the memorable experience. Well planned, well arranged and perfect sightings on safari. you took immaculate care with the details. That too of every individual. and all compliments to Manoj too. Both of you have taught us lessons in bearing up with 15 different individuals. Patience Study !! ….. Keep us informed in advance of your itenary.”
Rajesh Kapadia, Mumbai (Corbett N.P., Mar’09)

”It was an amazing trip. The planning & guidance by Adesh & Manoj was excellent. I had always wanted to visit Corbett, even came close to doing so twice, but I wished that whenever I would do it, a well planned & dedicated birding trip with experts would be ideal & that is what I got from this trip. Infact, more than I expected, with 5 days of non-stop birding, from the comfort of jeeps, with excellent guides…..”
Naren Rajani, Mumbai (Corbett N.P., Mar’09)

“Thanks all and especially Adesh for a super trip…..”
Garima Bhatia, Bangalore (Nannaj trip, Nov’09)

“I'm sorry that I did not thank you personally for the wonderful trip to Nannaj. It certainly lived upto my expectations and I'm sure that I will be visiting again and again. I know that you do not wish to be thanked but your enthusiasm and patience in explaining the details about each sighting has to be appreciated and you can be sure that I will be joining many many more trips with Nature India!..... Wishing you all the best”
Kalpana Malani, Mumbai (Nannaj trip, Sep’09)

“A Big Thankyou for that wonderful trip. I must say you are an exemplary conductor jelling with every participant…..”
Carolann Pais, Mumbai (Kass trip, Aug’08)

“In keeping with Adesh's high standards that he has set for his tours, this was a rocker of a trip, with an exploration of different habitats, and an opportunity to spot several restricted range species. For us, it was a huge learning experience with Adesh who is a fount of knowledge, and has a child-like enthusiasm to share it. Bravo, Adesh, and keep us permanently signed in to Nature India's trips - I might even consider folding up my practice so that I don't miss out!..... “
Dr.P.V.Subramanium Mumbai (Great Rann of Kutch, Jan’09)

“I am sure each of us took a part of the peace and quiet and beauty of the forest back with us to dusty, dirty, crowded Mumbai. On Monday, deep in the middle of work, I thought back to our sojourn in the wild and was immediately uplifted...
Thank you, Adesh, may your tribe increase and so may your trips...count me in on all of them!.....”
Jayanthi Mahalingam, Mumbai (Bhimashankar trip, Dec’09)

“Anyway, thanks for making those magical moments come alive once again. And thanks to you Adesh for taking us through a memorable experience…..”
Fr. Luke SJ, Mumbai (Bhimashankar trip, Dec’09)

“Adesh Shivkar, the founder of Nature India Tours is a marketing executive turned naturalist. He is a very famous birder in Mumbai. It is pretty amazing how people’s faces light up when they take his name. He not only loves to bird watch, but also enjoys teaching others to see and appreciate the variety in birds……”
Vamsee Modugula , Navi Mumbai (Bhimashankar trip, Dec’09)

“But for Adesh's eyes that can dart faster than a flycatcher and is sharper than a falcon....i can now identify (hopefully) at least 50-55 birds(not bad for a first timer i guess)….Many thanks to Adesh for opening up a new world for me...seriously naming a bird has kind of established a relationship between them and me…..”
Aparna Iyer, Mumbai (Bhigwan trip, Jan’09)

“As the sun rose we returned for lunch and the return journey saw most of us taking a nap. A great trip and a huge learning experience for me – the more I learn the more I realize how little I know!.....”
Kalpana Malani, Mumbai (Bhigwan trip, Jan’09)

“Dear Adesh……It was a very nice experience at Bhigwan on 31Jan-01Feb. We received lot of info from u…..Tumhi agdi khup astheni amhala mahiti det hotat…..”
Nandini Mathure, Vasai (Bhigwan trip, Feb’09)

“I left Corbett about a week back, but Corbett refuses to leave me. I close my eyes and am instantly transported back to the paradisaical land of Sal trees and singing birds, of grassy chaurs and giant mountains, of dancing peacocks and prancing deer, of playful elephants and ferocious tigers, and of scented flowers and fallen leaves……

After years of planning our trips meticulously, I am ready to take a break and who better to go with than Adesh Shivkar of Nature India Tours. Based on my experience in Bhimashankar, I knew that he would pick the best trails, best accommodation and provide the best bird watching experience. The local guide, Manoj Sharma was excellent and often regaled us with stories of his wildlife encounters. The eclectic group of 14 included a mix of budding birders, experienced birders and photographers…..

As for Adesh and Manoj, it won't be an exaggeration if I say that they are two of the best birding guides. Their enthusiasm for birding is infectious. I am so glad I went with them to Corbett….. “
Vamsee Modugula, Navi Mumbai (Corbett N.P., Mar’09)

“It was wonderful meeting all of you and spending some splendid birding (and elephanting, and tigering, and deering :))) time in beautiful Corbett.. I can't wait to go there again. Thank you Adesh for giving us a great time - I look forward to going on a trip with you again….”
Dr.Uma. K, Bangalore (Corbett N.P., Mar’09)

“Hi Adesh,…….Thank you so much for a wonderful and very well organised trip. It was exciting to see so many species of birds we had never seen before. A truly enriching and memorable experience !.....We look forward to traveling with you again
Madhavi and Ram, Bangalore (Corbett N.P., Mar’09)

“Hi all …..Wonderful and most memorable Corbett trip.. Though routine work starts ... photos of Corbett giving us constant source of energy and pleasure. Videos of crossing elephants with their noise take us again in Corbett…… sudden rainfall, crossing rivers, tiger on river bank, saal trees, turmile hills, Kusum tress, pleasant weather,thrill on fast drive jips all are excellent moments ...Missing all this and Missing all of u……great trip and plenty of new things abt the nature…”
Sanghamitra Bendkhale, Dombivili (Corbett N.P., Mar’09)

“Adesh, thumbs up to you for organizing the adventure and being so patient and helpful. Hope to be on another of your trips soon...”
Jayanthi M., Mumbai (Corbett N.P., Mar’09)

“Adesh made it a point that every one of us got what we wanted in this trip. We sighted 207 species in 4 ½ days! We could see tiger and other mammals and reptiles. He made it very interesting with his detailed explanations and witty remarks…….The boarding and lodging arrangements in both places were very good.

Thumbs up Adesh, and the Nature India for organizing the adventure. It is Nature India Trip one should take to get best out of your trip, by way of comfort, care, enjoyment and edtaintment. We all look forward to more of these…..”
Capt. Haridasan, Mumbai (Corbett N.P., Mar’09)

“Nature India promised us an exciting time in Corbett and Nainital – but it wasn’t that – it was much more than just exciting, we were completely bowled over!

Thank you for the most amazing trip. And now, I am grateful for spoon-feeding us with the list of birds and the most fantastic images. The Corbett-Nainital trip has made a very happy mark in my life and I am indeed looking forward to more. "Yeh dil maange more"…...”
Katie Bagli, Mumbai (Corbett N.P / Nainital trip., April’09)

“Corbett 21/02/2009 to 28/02/2009 with Nature India under the expert and patient guidance of Mr.Manoj Sharma and Adesh….several days later I can close my eyes and be transported there in my mind – watching the yellow bellied fantail fidgety flycatcher – look up to see the Himalayan griffon or the cinereous vulture soaring ahead – be amazed at the dainty size of the handsomely coloured collared falconet . I guess I need several more trips to Corbett to really do justice to this bird paradise!...... “
Kalpana Malani, Mumbai (Corbett N.P., Feb’09)

“Thanks to all of you we had a great trip. It could not have been better. I would be all ready to do it again in a couple of year’s time!! “
Alpa Seth, Mumbai (Corbett N.P / Nainital trip., April’09)

“Dear Adesh and Mandar…..I have no words to thank you. Request pls keep me posted re yr programs.”
od Khopkar, Navi Mumbai (Bandhavgarh trip, Jun’09)

“It was really great experience with Adesh and you all…..Thanks Adesh for arranging such wonderful trip ,hope you will continue arrange such same….”
Mangesh Deherkar, Bangalore (Bandhavgarh trip, Jun’09)

“Last week me & my family had gone to Bandhavgarh with Nature India…..we had our life time experience last week there. During our 5 jungle safaris we could observe Tiger 7 times totally. with sightings of both prominant & famous males B2 & Bokha. & treasure of Adesh's expertise in locating birds gave us another great experience.”
Juee Khopkar, Navi Mumbai (Bandhavgarh trip, Jun’09)

“It was an almost life-time expirience for me,to visit ‘The Plateau Of Flowers Of maharashtra’- KAAS PLATEAU- near Satara town in south-west. We all 25.. under leadership of ‘Adesh Shivkar ‘visited this beautiful place on 3/4/5 Oct 08. For me (as a birder) it was first ever expirience to go for ‘flower-watching’…..”
Anil Kunte, Thane (Kaas Plateau, Satara trip, Oct’08)

“Adesh made it a point to show us every flower and Ms.Medha Karkhanis, the knowledgable resource person who had accompanied us, imparting her knowledge with her ever-smiling face and soft, gentle voice. Indeed, the joy of seeing the best of nature put us all on a high.”
Katie Bagli, Mumbai (Kaas Plateau, Satara trip, Sep’08)

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